Table 1

 Clinical and biological data in 19 patients with glomerulonephritis C3

Patient NoAge* (y)SexHBP*CrCl* (ml/min)Puria* (g/day)Huria*Follow up (y)CrCl at last follow up (ml/min)Puria at last follow-up (g/day)Histological type
CrCl, creatinine clearance; F, female; FH, factor H; FI, factor I; Group I: GN C3 (glomerulonephritis with isolated C3 deposits) with MPGN (membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis); Group II: GN C3 without MPGN; HBP, high blood pressure; HD, haemodialysis; Huria, haematuria; M, male; Puria, proteinuria.
To convert CrCl in ml/min to ml/s, multiply by 0.01667.
*At diagnosis.
†Nephrotic syndrome.
‡Underwent renal transplantation.
120F+117.47.7+†Group I
227M+97.21.716.5HD‡1.4Group I
326M115.31.530.086.84.7Group I
411F65.36.5†+1.2116.51.7Group I
560M+51.35.7†+0.546.30.9Group I
642F+68.21.3+ I
722M+122.60.3+ I
841M91.66.610.028.62.8Group I
910M10.28.25.5HD‡1.4Group I
1049M78.30.30.478.02.4Group I
1121F120.62.524.066.40.1Group I
1214F78.60.2+23.0HDGroup I
137F+66.69.0+1.554.00.3Group I
149F44.80.7+2.571.70.8Group II
1526M+81.80.323.079.50.0Group II
1656F+49.80.0+ II
1770F28.70.3+1.514.65.2 †Group II
1837M+97.26.2†+ II
1921F83.31.6+25.0110.80.5Group II