Table 3

 Assessment of children with neurofibromatosis 1

The following should be recorded at each annual visit
*Asymptomatic children should also have one baseline assessment of colour vision and visual fields at the appropriate developmental age.
• Development and progress at school
• Visual symptoms, visual acuity and fundoscopy until age 7 years (optic pathway glioma*, glaucoma)
• Head circumference (rapid increase might indicate tumour or hydrocephalus)
• Height (abnormal pubertal development)
• Weight (abnormal pubertal development)
• Pubertal development (delayed/precocious puberty due to pituitary/hypothalamic lesion)
• Blood pressure (consider renal artery stenosis, phaeochromocytoma)
• Cardiovascular examination (congenital heart disease, especially pulmonary stenosis)
• Evaluation of spine (scoliosis ± underlying plexiform neurofibromas)
• Evaluation of the skin (cutaneous, subcutaneous and plexiform neurofibromas)
• System examination if specific symptoms