Table 3

 Overrepresentation of heterogeneous disease genes in HPRD protein interaction set (χ2 test).

Number of proteins in interaction setSubset also in disease protein setSubset also in disease protein set (percentage)χ2 Testp Value
The disease gene enrichment in HPRD is highly significantly higher than in the high throughput sets (p<1e-13 after Bonferroni correction for every case).
HPRD set (literature based)600567811.29%550.2098<2.2e-16
Human Y2H set (high throughput)26861465.44%4.8450.03
Fly set (high throughput)47062765.86%18.1092.1e-5
Worm set (high throughput)19331015.23%2.0860.15
Yeast set (high throughput)24551415.74%7.8380.005
Reference set – all human protein coding genes in Ensembl
Total In disease set Percentage
Ensembl known genes2224210034.51%