Table 1 Summary of family history studies
ReferencePopulationCD probands, nCD siblings, nTotal siblings, nCD risk, %Sibling relative risk*
Kuster et al (1989)4Germany265134532.8728.7
Probert et al (1993)6UK424199841.9319.3
Peeters et al (1996)7Belgium6405717283.333.0
Satsangi et al (1994)8UK433207822.5625.6
Average risk2.6726.7
Average, weighted by study size2.7227.2
  • *Using a population prevalence of 0.001 for all studies.

  • Estimates of sibling relative risk for each study, mean value across studies, and a mean value weighting by study size (number of probands) are given.