Table 3 Effects of WD-causing missense mutations on function and regulation of ATP7B
Mutation:Cuproenzyme biosynthesisCatalytic ATPase activityLocalisationPost-translational modificationsProtein–protein interactions
G85VExtensive ER mislocalisation149Decreased interaction with ATOX1176
Increased interaction with COMMD1149
L492SDecreased interaction with ATOX1176
Increased interaction with COMMD1149
G591DExtensive ER mislocalisation149Absence of copper-induced phosphorylation152Decreased interaction with ATOX1176
Increased interaction with COMMD1149
A604PIncreased interaction with COMMD1149
R616WNormal, TGN126
G710SNormal, TGN126
P760LNormal, TGN126
D765NNormal rescue ΔCcc2 yeast143Partial ER mislocalisation126 127
Reduced copper response127
M769VNormal rescue ΔCcc2 yeast143Normal, TGN126 127
Copper response unaffected127
L776VNormal rescue ΔCcc2 yeast143Partial ER mislocalisation127
Reduced copper response127
R778QReduced rescue ΔCcc2 yeast143
R778LReduced rescue ΔCcc2 yeast143Extensive ER mislocalisation127
Copper response absent127
W779XCytoplasmic clusters126
Copper response absent126
G943SNormal rescue ΔCcc2 yeast143Normal, TGN127
Copper response absent127
R969QNormal, TGN126
T997MNo rescue ΔCcc2 yeast143
V995ANormal rescue ΔCcc2 yeast143
P992LReduced rescue ΔCcc2 yeast143Normal, TGN126
E1064AAbsence of ATP binding117
H1069QNo rescue ΔCcc2 yeast105Absence of ATP binding,117 Absence of ATP hydrolysis activity214Extensive ER mislocalisation,126 148 mislocalisation to aggrosomes144
Reduced rescue ΔCcc2 yeast260
R1115HSlightly decreased ATP binding117
N1270SReduced ATP hydrolysis activity214Normal, TGN126
Normal, endosome144
  • ER, endoplasmic reticulum; TGN, trans-Golgi network.