Table 2

 Frequencies of associated haplotypes within defined LD blocks and statistical parameters

Block-haplotypeAllele combinationFrequencyStatistical parameters
ControlsPsoriasis vulgaris patientsχ2 (df = 1)p valuepc valueOR (95% CI)
A: exploratory case-control study (375 cases and 376 controls); B: combined study cohorts (793 cases and 937 controls). CI, confidence interval; NS, not significant; OR, odds ratio; Pc, corrected p value.
AA-3A G G C A A A A0.1830.2325.3620.021NS1.35 (1.05 to 1.74)
B-3A C A G0.2030.2658.2160.0040.021.42 (1.12 to 1.81)
B-4A C A A0.1370.0956.6570.010NS
C-3C G G C0.2090.169NSNS
C-4C A G G0.1890.2436.4330.0110.0441.38 (1.07 to 1.76)
BB-3A C A G0.2220.2648.4950.0040.021.26 (1.08 to 1.47)
B-4A C A A0.1370.10011.4350.000720.0036
C-3C G G C0.2060.16210.5050.0010.004
C-4C A G G0.1990.2397.7330.0050.021.26 (1.07 to 1.48)