Table 3

 Adjusted* mean annual decline in FEV1 (ml/year) and FEV1/FVC (U/year) in genotypes of the HO1 gene promoter

HO1 genotypep for associationp for trend
Data are means (95% CI). *Multiple linear regression including centre, sex, and ECRHS I data for age, smoking status, BMI, and spirometry (that is, baseline FEV1 for decline in FEV1 and baseline FEV1/FVC for decline in FEV1/FVC)
Decline in FEV1, ml/year−33.3 (−39.6 to −27.3)−31.5 (−35.6 to −27.5)−33.4 (−37.0 to −29.9)−30.8 (−36.5 to −25.1)0.800.66
Decline in FEV1/FVC, U/year−2.56 (−3.67 to −1.46)−1.51 (−2.26 to −0.77)−1.80 (−2.45 to −1.15)−0.56 (−1.61 to −0.46)0.0580.014