Table 1

 MLPA results for patients with LKB1 changes

Patient ID(s)ResultFamily history
11200Whole gene deletionSporadic
11199Whole gene deletionSporadic
11668Whole gene deletionSporadic
24/1/1Whole gene deletionUnknown
02-551Whole gene deletionFamilial
000/1/1; 52/1/1Promoter and exon 1 deletionFamilial
59/1/1; 11181Promoter and exon 1 deletionFamilial
13/1/1Exon 8 deletionSporadic
7282Exon 2–10 deletionFamilial
AXYPromoter deletionSporadic
LEHPromoter and exon 1–3 deletionFamilial