Table 4

 Age specific cancer risks in BRCA2 mutation carriers

Location<65 years of age⩾65 years of age
ObsExpRR95% CIObsExpRR95% CI
See Methods section for estimating RR. *Prostate cancer risk estimated before and below 73 years of age. For all presented cancer sites, p for difference is <0.001.
All cancers9529.45.50.7 to 1.4104170.50.20.2 to 0.3
Pharynx20.315.71.8 to 56.620.84.20.5 to 14.9
Colon81.88.03.4 to 15.71214.70.60.3 to 1.1
Pancreas80.437.116.0 to to 5.2
Prostate* to 14.01210.91.20.6 to 2.1