Table 3

 Gender specific cancer risks for sites other than breast and ovary in BRCA2 mutation carriers

ICDLocationObsExpRR95% CIPa (n)
See Methods section for estimating RR. Obs, observed, exp, expected.
MaleAll139117.71.41.1 to 1.657
    146–149Pharynx30.86.71.4 to 19.71
    150–159Digestive system3729.61.51.1 to 2.117
    155Liver40.711.13.0 to 28.52
    157Pancreas112.57.83.9 to 14.06
    170Bones20.315.01.7 to 54.31
    179–189Urogenital system3425.21.71.2 to 2.414
    185Prostate2413.62.51.6 to 3.87
FemaleAll6082.30.30.3 to 0.427
    157Pancreas41.93.71.0 to 9.41