Table 1

 Histopathology of BRCA1 1706A and 1708E breast tumours

Histopathological featureG1706A (Australian pedigree no. 1)G1706A (Spanish pedigree)A1708E (Australian pedigree)A1708E (UK pedigree no. 2)
Histopathology shows that only the 1708E associated tumours have a typical BRCA1-like phenotype.
Histological subtype of invasive carcinomaDuctal/no special typeDuctal/lobularMedullaryAtypical medullary
Mitotic countScore 1 (actual count 1)Score 1Score 3 (actual count 85)Score 3 (actual count 103)
Overall histological gradeGrade 2Grade 2Grade 3Grade 3
% Tumour diameter as continuous pushing marginAbsentAbsent>75%>75%
Confluent necrosisAbsentAbsentPresentAbsent
Tumour cells: discernible cell bordersPresentPresentAbsentAbsent
ER/PR statusData not availableER+, PR−ER−, PR−ER−, PR−
ConclusionNot BRCA1-likeNot BRCA1-likeBRCA1-likeBRCA1-like