Table 1

 Demographic, clinical, and histological characteristics

Total groupRate of fibrosis progressionp for slow v rapid
SD, standard deviation. N/A, not applicable; p values are inappropriate for these variables as they contribute to the definition of slow and rapid progressors.
Gender, F/M102/22417/4917/660.556
Age at biopsy, mean years (SD)39.5 (7.7)42.1 (4.5)43.2 (9.0)0.35
Age at infection, mean years (SD)21.8 (8.2)16.5 (6.0)24.7 (10.6)<0.0001
Duration of infection, mean years (SD)17.6 (8.5)25.6 (5.3)18.3 (8.8)N/A
Fibrosis progression, median units/year0.1310.0320.184N/A
BMI, mean kg/m2 (SD)26.0 (4.7)25.8 (4.0)27.3 (4.9)0.067
Current ethanol, median g/day1.820.50.570
Previous ethanol, median g/day3042.5500.784
Stage of fibrosis, median113N/A
Portal inflammation, median212<0.0001
Lobular inflammation, median1110.003
Grade of steatosis, median001<0.0001
Perls’, median0000.149
Viral genotype, 1/2/3107/10/8827/6/2032/3/260.437