Table 2

 Transmission of VEGF haplotypes from heterozygous parents to TOF affected children

HaplotypeHaplotype frequency (%)Transmitted haplotypesUntransmitted haplotypesχ2p Value
The VEGF haplotypes and their frequencies are presented. The exact number of transmitted and untransmitted haplotypes with their relative frequency between brackets is indicated. AAG: −2578A/−1154A/−634G haplotype; AGG: −2578A/−1154G/−634G haplotype; CGC: −2578C/−1154G/−634C haplotype; CGG: −2578C/−1154G/−634G haplotype.
AAG0.3372 (0.61)46 (0.39)5.80.008
AGG0.1744 (0.55)36 (0.45)0.80.19
CGC0.3352 (0.41)74 (0.59)3.20.04
CGG0.1743 (0.47)49 (0.53)0.40.53