Table 2

 Parameter estimates of the final model

Cancer sitePolynomialCoefficientEstimate (SE)
Estimated coefficients and standard errors of polynomial functions of degree 2 and 0, respectively, for the logarithm of the cause specific relative hazard rates for carriers of a mutation at the either hMLH1 or hMSH2 locus relative to the population.
CRC, colorectal carcinoma; EC, endometrial carcinoma; MC, minor HNPCC site (small bowel, stomach, ovary, and urinary tract including the renal pelvis and ureter but excluding the urinary bladder); t, time scale derived from age in years by subtraction of 55 and division by 20.
CRCa0+a1t+a2t2 a 0 2.7 (0.46)
a 1 −2.0 (0.48)
a 2 −1.2 (0.43)
ECb0 (constant) b 0 3.4 (0.60)
MCc0 (constant) c 0 1.7 (0.47)