Table 1

 Physician responses to questions about BRCA1 and 2 mutations, by specialty and practice characteristics

CharacteristicsSuppose you had a patient whose aunt or grandmother on her father’s side carries the BRCA1 gene mutation for breast/ovarian cancer syndrome. In your opinion, could your patient also be a carrier of this mutation?*In your opinion, what percentage of female breast cancer patients have a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation?*
Yes (%)No (%)Not sure (%)OR†95% CI<10 (%)10–100 (%)Not sure (%)OR‡95% CI
*Unadjusted percentages representing physician responses are weighted to the U.S. population of physicians in the selected specialties. Row percentages may not add to 100% due to nonresponse to some items. †The dependent variable in the logistic regression model is awareness that a mutation can be inherited from father (referent category  = no or not sure). Weighted odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) are adjusted for all variables in the table. ‡The dependent variable in the logistic regression model is understanding that <10% of female breast cancer patients carry a mutation (referent category = 10–100% or not sure). Weighted ORs and 95% CI are adjusted for all variables in the table. HMO, health maintenance organisation.
Medical specialty
    Family/general practice28.110.858.01.021.826.749.11.0
    Internal medicine37.311.347.71.30.9 to 1.829.530.836.61.40.9 to 2.0
    Obstetricians/gynaecologists51.911.934.42.01.3 to 3.053.629.316.53.01.9 to 4.6
    Oncologists66.87.621.83.42.2 to 5.371. to 9.0
    General surgeons45.013.738.81.71.1 to 2.757.820.520.94.62.9 to 7.4
    Gastroenterologists24.86.768.50.60.3 to 1.422.419.957.90.90.4 to 2.2
    40–5936.711.648.50.90.6 to 1.334.727.535.61.40.9 to 2.0
    <4040. to 1.834.833.729.81.60.9 to 2.6
Cancer genetics services provided in past 12 months
    Did not order breast/ovarian cancer genetics tests, but did order other cancer genetics tests or referred patients elsewhere for testing or risk assessment45.312.640.61.20.8 to 1.645.227.526.41.41.0 to 1.9
    Ordered breast/ovarian tests but did not refer patients elsewhere54.617. to 3.355.821.319.52.31.1 to 4.7
    Both ordered a breast/ovarian test and referred patients elsewhere49.016.624.31.40.6 to 3.658.518.817.72.10.9 to 5.4
Local facilities for genetic counselling and testing for inherited cancer risk
    Yes41.69.548.31.00.6 to 1.443.928. to 1.9
    Not sure28.67.761.40.70.4 to 1.020.624.452.70.60.4 to 1.0
Clear guidelines or strategies are not available for managing patients with inherited cancer susceptibility mutations
    Agreed with statement, somewhat or strongly40.812.445.
    Disagreed, somewhat or strongly42.16.547.51.10.7 to 1.739.926.433.71.00.6 to 1.6
    Not sure22.75.472.00.50.3 to 0.817. to 0.8
Received cancer genetic test advertising
    No or not sure1.029.326.841.81.0
    Yes1.30.9 to 1.845.729.823.71.20.8 to 1.6
Academic affiliation
    Yes39.811.945.31.00.8 to 1.337.430. to 1.3
Specialties in the practice
    Single specialty36.910.949.31.033.927.037.21.0
    Multispecialty40.89.947.61.10.8 to 1.634.829.434.90.90.6 to 1.4
Practice arrangement
    Full or part owner37.610.
    Employee of physician practice, HMO, hospital, university, or clinic38. to 1.433.928.436.51.10.8 to 1.6