Table 4

 Allele frequency in patients with and without known mutations in CFH, MCP and IF

Control allele frequencyHUS – mutation negative allele frequencyHUS – mutation positive allele frequency
1212p Value12p Value
CFH, complement factor H; HUS, haemolytic-uraemic syndrome; MCP, membrane cofactor protein.
Newcastle cohort (n = 22 mutation positive)
CFH −257C→T712952480.00164360.38
CFH c.2089A→G87136436<0.00171290.019
CFH c.2881G→T811965350.00276240.52
MCP c.IVS12+638G→A623843570.00145550.038
MCP c.2232T→C584243570.01845550.14
Paris cohort (n = 39 mutation positive)
CFH −257C→T802059410.0125149<0.001
CFH c.2089A→G841676240.18264360.001
CFH c.2881G→T841676240.1435743<0.001
MCP −547A→G623842580.00539610.001
MCP c.IVS8+23T→G80205545<0.0015347<0.001
MCP c.IVS9-78G→A663443570.00143570.001
MCP c.2232T→C643645550.00641590.001