Table 5

 Association of the subset of htSNP haplotypes with progressive supranuclear palsy and corticobasal degeneration

HaplotypeFrequency (%) and association (LRT) of haplotype
IDrs242557rs3785883rs2471738UK PSPUS PSPUS CBD
ControlPSPp (p corrected)ControlPSPp (p corrected)ControlCBDp (p corrected)
This haplotype analysis was based on a subset of H1 specific htSNP defined haplotypes that show evidence of association after consideration of the del-In9. After correction of p values for multiple testing (bracketed p values), haplotypes I and II in both PSP studies and haplotype I in the CBD study are significant.
CBD, corticobasal degeneration; LRT, likelihood ratio test; PSP, progressive supranuclear palsy.
IGGC50.030.7 3.14ex-4 (2.51ex-3) 51.334.7 1.65ex-5 (1.32ex-4) 51.332.6 0.002 (0.019)
IIAGT12.028.3 2.16ex-4 (1.73ex-3) 8.327.6 2.31ex-9 (1.85ex-8) 8.317.80.009 (0.070)
IIIAGC13.210.20.349 (1.000)13.917.70.091(0.730)13.922.10.145 (1.000)
IVGAC10.016.60.316 (1.000) (0.064) (0.275)
VAAC6.99.00.454 (1.000) (1.000) (1.000)
VIGGT2.25.20.087 (0.700) (1.000) (1.000)
VIIAAT3.20.00.907 (1.000) (1.000) (1.000)
VIIIGAT2.40.00.045 (0.356) (1.000)3.410.70.186 (1.000)