Table 2

 Ultrasonographic, clinical and autopsy findings in 12 cases of severe prenatal or perinatal SASD

Pt. no.Age at death or MT (GA)Consang./recurrenceUltrasound examinationAge at birth (GA)Examination at birth or at fetal autopsy
GAAbnormalitiesAscitesOedemaHMFacial dysmorphyDysostosis
HM, hepatomegaly; MT, medical termination; IUFD, in utero fetal death; IUGR, intra-uterine growth retardation; SA, spontaneous abortion; GA, gestational age (weeks). *No clinical data available since the age of 2 years; †no clinical data at birth; ‡Poulain et al29; §Carbillon et al5; ¶Lefebvre et al30.
Neonatal forms
1>2 years*+/2 SA35Prefrontal oedema35– †Prefrontal+++
Transient ventriculomegaly(at 1.5 months)
22 months−/−34Short femur34.5+Inferior limbs+++
35 months−/−16Ascites, IUGR28++Feet+++
41.5 months−/−34Ascites, pericardic effusion, IUGR, oligoamnios35++Socket and hand+++
Antenatal forms
5 ‡28 GA+/−26.5Ascites, HM, club feet, IUGR, oligoamnios+Testis+++
629 GA−/−20Prefrontal oedema, peritoneal effusion, thick placenta+Cervical+++
28Prefrontal and retrocervical oedema, ascites, HM, ventriculomegaly
26 GA−/2 SA19Ascites, hydramnios, dysmorphy, short limbs, ventriculomegaly+? (Lysis)? (lysis)++
824 GA?/−20Ascites, short femur+HydropsNot weighted (congestive)+
21Hydrops, short femur, ventriculomegaly
19 GA−/+16Ascites, hydrops, mild nuchal thickness+Hydrops++? (no x ray)
1034 GA (IUFD)+/−28Ascites, hydrops, mild HM+Hydrops+++
1122 GA−/−10Nuchal thickness+Hydrops++
18Ascites, cephalic and truncal oedema, pleural effusion, club feet
1230 GA (IUFD)+/−22Ascites, pleural and pericardic effusion, subcutaneous oedemaNo data available