Table 1

 Subjects genotyped for the stromelysin-1 gene 5A/6A polymorphism

DiseaseNumber of trios or familiesNumber of affected offspring per familyNumber of trios or families where both parents were genotyped
CD, Crohn’s disease; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; UC, ulcerative colitis.
German sporadic IBD triosCD3201318 (ie, in 99.4% of the collection)
UC1481147 (ie, in 99.3% of the collection)
German multiplex IBD familiesCD1351 in 47 families, 2 in 82 families, 3 in 6 families115 (ie, in 85.2% of the collection)
UC831 in 44 families, 2 in 39 families70 (ie, in 84.3% of the collection)
British multiplex IBD familiesCD911 in 40 families, 2 in 44 families, 3 in 7 families78 (ie, in 85.7% of the collection)
UC491 in 28 families, 2 in 17 families, 3 in 4 families42 (ie, in 85.7% of the collection)