Table 1

 Summary of single nucleotide polymorphisms found in the Celera mouse SNP reference database

Disease lociQTLsTotal SNPFiltered SNPGenes (F)Confirmed SNPGenes
Criteria for filtered SNPs:(1) A/J and C57BL/6J were polymorphic for the SNP;(2) SNPs appeared in the coding region, the 5′ regulatory region, or the 3′ untranslated region;(3) SNPs appeared in known genes;(4) intronic, intergenic, and silent SNPs were excluded.
Total SNP  =  all SNPs found in the region; filtered SNP  =  SNP number meeting the criteria described in the note; Genes (F) =  the number of gene holding filtered SNP; Confirmed SNP  =  the number of SNP that have been confirmed; Genes  =  the number of genes holding the confirmed SNP.
Ali, acute lung injury locus; Bis, -carboline induced seizure locus; Exq, exploratory and excitability locus; MLT, mouse lung tumour; QTL, quantitative trait loci; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism; Tir, trypanosomiasis resistance locus.
Lung cancerMLT125 692261799
MLT310 2454411
Total38 41440281313
Acute lung injuryAli136 09295451513
Ali245 745572944
Ali322 81213833
Ali422 10213622
Total126 751178882422
Trypanosomiasis resistance lociTir129 90238242116
Tir232 4794332
Tir382 246412288
Total144 62783493226
SeizuresExq125 9276444
Bis130 15319111510
Bis434 5028822
Total90 58233232116