Table 2

 Brief Pain Inventory scores before enzyme replacement therapy in patients with Fabry disease

nMean (SD)
In total, 114 patients completed the questionnaire, although not all patients answered all questions.
BPI dimension
    Pain at its worst905.1 (2.7)
    Pain at its least892.1 (2.5)
    Pain on average904.1 (2.5)
    Pain now912.9 (2.8)
Interference of pain with:
    General activity1023.3 (3.1)
    Mood1033.3 (3.2)
    Walking ability1022.5 (3.1)
    Normal work1013.4 (3.4)
    Social relations1032.7 (3.0)
    Sleep1022.5 (3.2)
    Enjoyment of life1033.0 (3.2)