Table 2

 Distribution of long range haplotypes defined by the TA repeat, PvuII and XbaI polymorphisms in the study population

Long range haplotypeNumber of alleles (%)
(TA)n repeat allele*PvuII-XbaILRH code
*The (TA)n alleles were classified as L if n⩽18, and H if n>18.
LRH, long range haplotype.
LPXI185 (3.38)
LPxII157 (2.87)
LpXIII18 (0.33)
LpxIV2579 (47.17)
HPXV1693 (30.96)
HPxVI505 (9.24)
HpXVII24 (0.44)
HpxVIII307 (5.61)