Table 4

 Haplotype distribution in the patients with NPC and in controls

HaplotypeNPC patients (2n = 478)Controls (2n = 572)OR (95% CI)p*
The frequencies of haplotypes are indicated in absolute values and percentages in parentheses. Haplotype is constructed based on C-2128T and C-1888T. The sums of genotypes in patients and controls do not add up to the total number of subjects, owing to failure of genotyping for some individuals. *No correction was made for testing multiple alleles.
T-T187 (41.2%)292 (53.7%)1
C-T57 (12.6%)56 (10.3%)1.59 (1.05–2.40)0.027
T-C90 (19.8%)95 (17.5%)1.48 (1.05–2.08)0.024
C-C120 (26.4%)101 (18.5%)1.86 (1.34–2.56)0.00016
Total (3 df)0.001