Table 2

 Characteristics of families with CDKN2A mutations

CDKN2A mutationsNo CMM in familyBreslow and Clark levelsMean age at diagnosis in cases with mutations*MPMDNPancreatic cancer in familyOther cancers in familyRegion
CMC, cutaneous malignant melanoma; MPM, multiple primary melanomas; DN, dysplastic nevi.
*For multiple primary melanomas, the first diagnosed melanoma was considered.
Melanoma thickness in cases with CDKN2A mutations. The fourth family had three cases with L65P. The range of melanoma thickness in the three cases is reported.
In first degree relatives.
G101WR115L2B = 10 mm59NoNoYesgastric, prostate, uterineEmilia Romagna
C = IV
R24P2B = 1 mm22NoYesNobladderCampania
S56IQ70H2B = 1.3 mm61YesYesNobreastEmilia Romagna
C = IV
L65PA79A4B = 0.8–2.8 mm47YesYesYesbreast, lung, prostateEmilia Romagna