Table 1

 Characteristics of BRCA2 genomic rearrangements in three patients belonging to breast or ovarian cancer families

PatientMLPA (exons)Mutant transcripts (NM_000059)*Mutation designation (AY436640)
*Numbers between brackets correspond to GenBank sequence accession numbers.
†Exons partially deleted.
MLPA, multiplex ligation dependent probe amplification.
B3617–18c.8034_8715 ter 2635 (del. ex. 17–19)g.45138_55975del10838 (del. ex. 17–18)
B4078–11ac.824_6768 ter206 (del. ex. 7–11)†g.12323_26644del14322 (del. ex. 7–11)†
B56820c.8716_8860 ter2842 (del ex. 20)g.56447_61399del4953 (del. ex. 20)