Table 2

 Adults with multiple meningiomas and other NF2 features or a family history of NF2

PtSexAge at Dx/last exam (years)Number and location of meningiomasPresenting symptomOther NF2 featuresFamily historyMutation
*Family history in first degree relative of multiple meningiomas.
‡Tumour analysed.
Patients 3–11 have meningioma(s) plus other disease features of NF2. Patients 14–17 have multiple meningiomas without other disease features of NF2, but have family members who were diagnosed with NF2 after their own diagnosis of multiple meningioma. Patients 18–50 have multiple meningiomas without other disease features of NF2.
BVS, bilateral vestibular schwannoma; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; Dx, diagnosis; exam, examination; F, female; M, male; NA, data not available; NF2, neurofibromatosis 2; pt, patient.
3*F20/30†5 cranialHeadaches9 cutaneous tumoursSon (patient 4)Not found
5M42/56†10 cranialWeakness/wastingEpendymomaSon with BVS169 C>T in son
9F51/5510 cranialSeizures2 cutaneous and 1 spinal schwannomaNoneMosaic for 1228 C>T‡
11M30/303 cranialSeizures4 cutaneous and 1 spinal schwannomaNoneNot found
14M36/36†2 cranialWeakness/wastingNoneSon with BVSNot found in son
15M26/26†9 cranialHeadache/seizuresNoneTwo daughters with BVS448-1 G>A
16F52/70†5 cranialSeizuresNoneDaughter with BVSNone found in tumour‡
17*M50/59†3 cranialHeadachesNoneBrother with meningioma/astrocytoma, nephew with BVSDoes not carry nephew’s 1048 C>T mutation‡
18F27Multiple cranialNANoneNoneNot found
22*F31/311 spinalPainNoneDaughter with spinal meningioma at age 15Not found
23*F222 spinalPainNoneTwo sisters with spinal MeningiomasNil on tumour analysis‡
24*F412 spinalNANoneMother with multiple spinal TumoursNot found
25*F29/542 cranialNANoneTwo sisters with meningiomas at ages 47 and 56, niece with meningiomas at age 10Not found
26F50Multiple cranialNANANoneNot found‡
27M24/335 in posterior fossa and lower cranial nervesSwallowing difficulties12th nerve palsyNone613 G>A and LOH in tumour‡
28M28Multiple cranialNANoneNoneNot found
29M623 cranialNANoneNoneNot found
30F552 cranialNANoneNoneNot found
31M364 cranialNANoneNoneNot found
32F34/373 cranialNANoneNoneNot found
33M723 cranialNANoneNoneNot found
34F263: skull base, orbita1, C2Visual lossNoneNoneNot found
35F263 cranialNANoneNoneNot found
36F542: orbital and sphenoid wingVisual lossNoneNoneNot tested
37F43/564 in left-sided cerebral hemisphereHeadachesNoneNoneNot found
38F49/513 cranial and 2 spinalNANoneNoneNot found
39F444 cranialPainCervical ependymomaNoneNot found
40F59/625 in vault and falxSeizureNoneNoneNot found
41M35/454 cranialPtosisNoneNoneNot found
42M28Multiple cranialNANoneNoneNot found
43M47Multiple cranialNANoneNoneNot found
44F39Multiple cranialNANoneNoneNot found
45F50Multiple cranialNANoneNoneNot found
46M575: bilateral optic sheath and fossa, parasagittal and temporalVisual loss at age 19, CVA at age 57NoneNoneNot found
47F39Multiple cranialNANoneNoneNot found
48F49Multiple cranialNANoneNoneNot found
49F53Multiple cranialNANoneNoneNot found
50F47Multiple cranialNANoneNoneNot found