Table 1

 Children with multiple meningiomas and other NF2 features or a family history of NF2

PtSexAge at Dx/last exam (years)Number and location of meningiomasPresenting symptomOther NF2 featuresFamily historyMutation
†Family history in first degree relative of multiple meningiomas.
Patients 1–13 have meningioma(s) plus other disease features of NF2. Patients 19–21 have multiple meningiomas without other disease features of NF2.
Dx, diagnosis; exam, examination; F, female; M, male; NA, data not available; NF2, neurofibromatosis 2; pt, patient.
1M9/91 cranialVisual lossTrigeminal schwannomaNoneNot found
2M7/91 cranialVisual loss4 cutaneous tumours and hypoglossal schwannomaNoneNot found
4*M9/16†4 cranialSeizures4 cutaneous tumoursMother (patient 3)Not found
6M2/6†3 cranialVisual lossTrigeminal schwannoma (bilateral)NoneNot found
7M5/82 cranialVisual loss2 spinal and 3 cutaneous schwannomasNone887 del T
8M9/101 cranialSeizures3 spinal tumoursNone58 ins A
10M7/92 cranialSeizuresCataractNone592 C>T
12M4/41 cranialVisual loss3rd nerve palsy and 3 cutaneous schwannomasNone241–2 G>A
13M7/81 cranialFacial palsyFacial palsyNone443 del C
19M102 cranialNANANoneNot found
20M152: optic sheath and falxNANANoneNot found
21M13/332 cranialNANoneNoneNot found