Table 1

 Characteristics of cloned genes implicated in recessive Leber’s congenital amaurosis according to published reports

GeneChromosome locationDescribed inFound in (%) of patientsReference*Primer reference†
*References first describing the cloning of the respective genes.
†References describing the primers we used.
ARRP, autosomal recessive RP, IRP, isolated RP, LCA, Leber’s congenital amaurosis.
AIPL1 17p13.2LCA5–1013This study
CRB1 1q31.3LCA, ARRP9–131414
CRX 19q13.32LCA1–315
GUCY2D 17p13.1LCA, ARRP10–201616
RDH12 14q24.1LCA, ARRP417
RPE65 1q31.2LCA, ARRP6–16184
RPGRIP1 14q11.2LCA4–61931
TULP1 6p21.31LCA,ARRPSeveral families20, 21