Table 3

 Clinical features in carriers and non-carriers of the G2019S mutation

Values are mean (SD).
†Years from the age at onset of symptoms to the age at last examination.
*p<0.02 v G2019S het. male carriers (Student’s t test).
Onset age (years)50.5 (11.6)1552.7 (10.9)615
Onset age, women (years)43.9 (8.7)*853.9 (10.7)254
Onset age, men (years)58.0 (10.1)751.9 (11.0)361
Disease duration† (years)11.4 (5.8)1510.4 (6.3)615
Disease duration, women (years)12.1 (7.8)810.3 (5.9)254
Disease duration, men (years)10.6 (2.2)710.5 (6.6)361