Table 2

Prospective risk of non-melanoma cancer in CDKN2A melanoma-prone families

A. CDKN2A mutation-positive and mutation-negative subjects
Tumour typeObsExpObs/Exp(95% CI)ObsExpObs/Exp(95% CI)
Mutation-positive subjects (1500 person-years)Mutation-negative subjects (2138 person-years)
All cancers125.52.2(1.1 to 3.8)26.20.3(0.0 to 1.2)
Digestive system60.96.7(2.4 to 14.6)0
Pancreas40.138(10 to 97)0
Respiratory system10.81.2(0.0 to 6.5)0
Breast20.92.2(0.2 to 8.1)11.20.9(0.0 to 4.8)
Prostate10.81.3(0.0 to 7.4)0
Urinary tract10.42.6(0.0 to 14.6)0
Brain and CNS10.110.6(0.1 to 59.1)0
Lymphatic and haematopoietic010.61.8(0.0 to 9.8)
B. CDKN2A mutation-positive subjects only
Tumour typeObsExpObs/Exp(95% CI)ObsExpObs/Exp(95% CI)
Subjects with melanoma (811 person-years)Subjects without melanoma (689 person-years)
CI, confidence interval; Exp, expected; Obs, observed.
All cancers93.92.3(1.1 to 4.4)31.61.9(0.4–5.5)
Digestive system60.79.1(3.3 to 19.8)0
Pancreas40.152(13 to 132)0
Respiratory system10.71.5(0.0 to 8.5)0
Breast00.5(0.0 to 6.9)20.45.5(0.6–20.0)
Prostate10.61.6(0.0 to 8.8)0
Urinary tract10.33.4(0.0 to 19.0)0
Brain and CNS00.1(0.0 to 58.4)10.0331.9(0.4–177.3)