Table 1

Hybridisation results by CGH-array

CaseChromosome AbnormalitycDNA array2500 clone arraysize in Mb by FISH mappingsize estimation by 1 Mb array in Mbnumber of del/dup clones on 1 Mb array
D, detected; ND, not detected;−, not performed
*Mosaic (60% of lymphocytes).
1 monosomy 7qDD13.2149
trisomy 10qDD19.12022
2 monosomy 18pNDD5.864
trisomy 13qNDD5.966
3 monosomy 21qNDD2.532
trisomy 9qDD11.21213
4 monosomy 12qNDD2.121
trisomy 17qNDD1.311
5 monosomy 4qDD8.7910
trisomy 2qDD20.52022
6 monosomy 6qNDD3.546
trisomy 6pDD14.71621
7 deletion 15q24DD10.3108
8 deletion 6pNDD1.81.85
9 deletion 22q11.2D2.533
10 deletion 17p11D3.6*~42