Table 2

Hoechst 33342 and ethidium bromide double staining of transfected HEK293T and COS-1 cells*

CellsViable (%)Apoptotic (%)Late apoptotic (%)Necrotic (%)
*Percentages are the mean of two experiments. Each experiment consisted of two separate counts of at least one field with a minimum of 100 cell counts. With χ2 statistics, p values of <0.001 and 0.279 were calculated in HEK293T and COS-1 cells, respectively, for the differences between transfections with wildtype DFNA5–GFP and mutant DFNA5–GFP.
†Typical transfection efficiencies for these experiments can be deduced from table 1.
    Untransfected cells98.440.780.330.45
    Mock transfected cells86.960.690.2312.13
    500 ng GFP79.220.650.8619.28
    500 ng DFNA5–GFP†79.100.450.6719.78
    500 ng mutant DFNA5–GFP†38.401.400.2559.96
    Untransfected cells99.690.180.140.00
    Mock transfected cells96.900.840.182.09
    1 µg GFP97.031.310.211.45
    1 µg DFNA5–GFP†98.040.540.001.43
    1 µg mutant DFNA5–GFP†93.710.880.225.19