Table 1

Cell counts on the basis of the number of dots in quadrant analysis for HEK293T and COS-1 cells*

CellsViable (%)Dead (%)
*In total, 104 cells were analysed with CELLQuest software. Numbers are deduced from one representative experiment out of two experiments (dot plots are shown in fig 2B). With χ2 statistics, p values of <0.001 and 0.171 were calculated in HEK293T and COS-1 cells, respectively, for the differences between transfections with wildtype DFNA5–GFP and mutant DFNA5–GFP for the experiment represented in table 1 and fig 2. The second experiment gave p values of <0.001 and 0.027, respectively.
    Untransfected cells87.880.0087.8812.100.0212.12
    Mock transfected cells72.470.1372.6026.301.1027.40
    500 ng DFNA5–GFP15.0953.7168.8020.2610.9431.20
    500 ng mutant DFNA5–GFP16.926.8723.7932.5943.6276.21
    Untransfected cells95.090.0195.104.870.034.90
    Mock transfected cells92.550.0992.647.170.197.36
    1 µg DFNA5–GFP79.1611.2790.438.630.949.57
    1 µg mutant DFNA5–GFP84.744.5689.309.111.5910.70