Table 5

 Unclassified variants in BRCA1 that we find likely to be deleterious

Missense variantGrantham chemical difference33Highest cross species chemical difference
I15T 895
L28P 98fully conserved
T37R 71fully conserved
K38N 94fully conserved
K45T 7826
K45N 9426
I68K 10229
S72R 110fully conserved
D96N 23fully conserved
F461L 22fully conserved
I845T 8929
F861C 205fully conserved
R866C 180fully conserved
P1150S 74fully conserved
P1238L 103fully conserved
P1238R 98fully conserved
M1400V 21fully conserved
L1407P 98fully conserved
S1655F 155fully conserved
T1685A 58fully conserved
T1685I 89fully conserved
V1688del not applicable29
M1689R 9110
V1696L 32fully conserved
R1699L 102fully conserved
R1699Q 54fully conserved
T1700A 58fully conserved
G1706A 59fully conserved
G1706E 98fully conserved
S1715C 112fully conserved
S1715N 46fully conserved
S1715R 110fully conserved
W1718S 177fully conserved
V1736A 64fully conserved
G1738R 125fully conserved
G1738E 98fully conserved
G1738del NAfully conserved
D1739E 45fully conserved
H1746N 68fully conserved
R1751P 10326
I1766S 14229
T1773S 58fully conserved
L1780P 9815
M1783T 8110
C1787S 112fully conserved
G1788D 94fully conserved
G1788V 109fully conserved
Q1811R 54fully conserved
W1837G 184fully conserved
W1837R 101fully conserved
S1841N 46fully conserved
Y1853C 205fully conserved