Table 1

 Clinical data of the sporadic IPAH patients

PatientCurrent age (SD), yearsSex,m/fPAP (SD),mm HgPaO2 (SD),mm HgPVR (SD), dyn s cm−5*/M2CI (SD),l/min/M2CO (SD),l/minSAP (SD),mm HgSvO2, (SD), (%)
†NYHA class: I 2%; II 17.%; III 67%; IV 14%.
Values are mean (SD). CI, cardiac index; CO, cardiac output; PaO2, alveolar partial pressure of oxygen; PAP, pulmonary arterial mean pressure; PVR, pulmonary vascular resistance; SAP, systemic arterial mean blood pressure; SvO2, venous haemoglobin oxygen saturation.
n = 99†46 (14)29/7055 (15)63 (14)1205 (563)1.96 (0.71)3.50 (1.13)90 (12)59 (11)