Table 2

Summary of localisation of activated Akt and Akt isoforms in 38 thyroid cancer samples

pAktAkt 1Akt 2Akt 3
*In regions of invasion, nuclear pAkt and Akt 1 were identified.
†In regions of invasion (n = 8) nuclear immunoactive pAkt and Akt 1 (but not Akt 2) were demonstrated and cytoplasmic pAkt, Akt 1, and Akt 2 were maintained.
Note that some tumours displayed both nuclear and cytoplasmic staining while others displayed only one type of staining.
FA (typical) (n = 3)00002100
FA (atypical) (n = 10)61606603
FC (n = 11)7*87*911107
PC (n = 14)2†102†102700