Table 2

Electrophysiological study of patients II-5 and III-13

Motor nervesSensory nerves
MNCV (m/s)DL (ms)CMAP (mV)F-wave latency (ms)SNCV (m/s)DL (ms)SNAP (µV)
MNCV, motor nerve conduction velocities; SNCV, sensory nerve conduction velocities; CMAP, compound action motor potential; SNAP, sensory nerve action potential; DL, distal latency; L, left; R, right; ND, not done; UR, unrecordable.
Note the reduced or abolished CMAP* and reduced SNAP† with normal or slightly reduced MNCV proportional to the reduction of CMAP.
Peroneal (R/L)UR/35.149/54UR/64.2/4.1UR/2*7.4/6.5UR/URUR/URND29ND3.8ND 2.2†
Ulnar (L)45ND3.8ND5.7ND35.7ND43. 1.5† 8.3†
Posterior tibial (R/L)32.7/32.8ND/57.76.1/5.4ND/4.9 0.2/0.3* ND/8.6UR/URND/46
Median (L)42.654.
Sural (R/L)37.1/37.831/303.5/3.73.5/3 3.7/3.3† 1.8/2.2†
Radial (R/L)51.9/44.2ND/42.91.8/2.4ND/2.1 3.6/3.1† ND/8†