Table 2

Summary of NF1 mutations and sequence variations found. A total of 77 different potentially significant sequence variations were found, of which 57 (74%) are novel

SampleNIHExonMutationTypePredicted effectAccessionCpG
NF, fulfils diagnostic criteria; Q, does not fulfil diagnostic criteria.
D05-54 NF11–14 to 7 del 21 bpFrameshiftTruncated protein
D04-07 NF2127 del CT V65XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D05-16 NF3271 G>A E91XNonsenseTruncated protein
D05-69 NF4a311 T>A L104XNonsenseTruncated protein
D02-34 NF4b499 del TGTT D176XFrameshiftTruncated proteinCD995532
D02-65 NF4c597/8 del 23 V207XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D05-53 NF6787 A>T K263XNonsenseTruncated protein
D02-16 NF7916 del G L316XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D02-49 NF7889-2 A>GSplice acceptorTruncated proteinCS991467
D05-48 NF91246 C>T R416XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM992366Y
D02-11 NF10a1274 G>A W425XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM000779
D02-03 NF10a1318 C>T R440XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM950845Y
D02-41 NF10a1318 C>T R440XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM950845Y
D02-72 NF10a1318 C>T R440XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM950845Y
D02-21 NF10b1527+1 G>CSplice donorTruncated protein
D02-56 NF111642-2 A>GSplice acceptorTruncated protein
D02-23 NF12a1756 del ACTA I603XFrameshiftTruncated proteinCD982825
D05-11 NF132124 del CT E715XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D05-43 NF132034 ins C D699XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D05-10 NF132180 C>G S727XNonsenseTruncated protein
D02-12 NF162851-2 A>GSplice acceptorTruncated protein
D05-66 NF182991-4 del ATASplice acceptorTruncated protein
D02-02 NF19a3163 C>T Q1055XNonsenseTruncated protein
D05-74 NF213528 del A L1183XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D05-45 NF213546 del T L1183XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D02-53 NF223758 to 3762 del TCTAC F1261XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D05-73 NF223721 C>T R1241XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM000799Y
D05-78 NF223721 C>T R1241XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM000799Y
D02-09 NF23.13916 C>T R1306XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM981381Y
D02-17 NF23.23982 ins A E1333XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D02-61 NF23.24045 ins T S1373XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D04-08 NF23.24095 ins TGFrameshiftTruncated protein
D05-90 NF244265 C>A S1422XNonsenseTruncated protein
D02-45 NF27a4537 C>T R1513XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM941093Y
D05-87 NF27a4537 C>T R1513XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM941093Y
D05-76 NF27a4515-1 G>ASplice acceptorTruncated protein
D05-47 NF284913 del TCTCT C1661XFrameshiftTruncated proteinCD972357
D05-57 NF284950 ins A Y1650XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D05-62 NF315898 del GA D1987XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D05-01 NF315943+1 G>TSplice donorTruncated protein
D02-31 NF325944-1 G>CSplice acceptorTruncated protein
D05-04 NF336181del 8bp D2074XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D04-02 NF356641+1 del GSplice donorTruncated protein
D04-05 NF366709 C>T R2237XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM000815Y
D05-70 NF366709 C>T R2237XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM000815Y
D02-62 NF376792 C>A Y2264XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM981382
D02-36 NF376792 C>G Y2264XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM981382
D05-65 NF397096 ins A N2400XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D02-35 NF407206 del CA C2405XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D05-09 NF417285 C>T R2429XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM000818Y
D02-22 NF427427 ins TC S2502XFrameshiftTruncated protein
D02-30 NF427486 C>T R2496XNonsenseTruncated proteinCM941096Y
D05-55 Q12b1994 C>T S665FMissenseAmino acid substitutionCM000785
D02-40 NF12b1885 G>A G629RMissenseAmino acid substitutionCM961026Y
D02-68 NF12b1885 G>A G629RMissenseAmino acid substitutionCM961026Y
D02-78 Q162530 C>T L844FMissenseAmino acid substitutionCM002379
D02-38 Q172970 del AAT ΔM991In frame deletionAmino acid deletionCD931025
D05-72 Q264402 A>G S1468GMissenseAmino acid substitutionCM971049
D02-06 NF292 A>G H31RMissenseAmino acid substitution
D02-54 NF3288+5 G>CIntronicTruncated protein
D02-48 NF4a434 T>C L145PMissenseAmino acid substitution
D05-34 Q4b528 T>A D176EMissenseAmino acid substitution
D05-25 NF6846 G>A Q282QSame senseTruncated protein
D02-39 NF6846 G>A Q282QSame senseTruncated protein
D05-71 NF71010 A>T E337VMissenseAmino acid substitution
D05-60 NF7970 T>C C324RMissenseAmino acid substitution
D02-18 NF10b1466 A>G Y489CMissenseAmino acid substitution
D05-39 NF10b1466 A>G Y489CMissenseAmino acid substitution
D02-50 NF10b1466 A>G Y489CMissenseAmino acid substitution
D02-10 NF10c1595 T>C L532PMissenseAmino acid substitution
D02-15 NF12a1722 C>A S574RMissenseTruncated protein
D05-64 NF132040 C>T C680CSame senseTruncated protein
D05-58 NF162514 C>G I838M, 2531 T>C L844PMissenseAmino acid substitution
D02-08 NF162531 T>C L844PMissenseAmino acid substitution
D04-12 NF162617 C>T R873CMissenseAmino acid substitutionY
D02-05 NF183113+3 ins AIntronicTruncated protein
D02-52 Q19b3217 A>G M1073VMissenseAmino acid substitution
D05-85 Q213587 T>G L1196RMissenseAmino acid substitution
D05-42 NF223826 C>G R1276GMissenseAmino acid substitutionY
D05-56 NF223826 C>G R1276GMissenseAmino acid substitutionY
D05-19 NF223827 G>A R1276QMissenseAmino acid substitutionY
D05-27 NF223827 G>A R1276QMissenseAmino acid substitutionY
D04-21 NF244111-8 del GTTIntronicTruncated protein
D05-33 Q244255 A>G K1419EMissenseAmino acid substitution
D02-27 NF254312 del GAAΔE1438In frame deletionAmino acid deletion
D05-75 NF284973 del 6 ΔIY1658-9In frame deletionAmino acid deletion
D02-69 NF285172 G>A K1724KSame senseTruncated protein
D05-91 NF295427 C>T R1808RSame senseTruncated protein
D02-14 NF397096 del 6 ΔNF2366-7In frame deletionAmino acid deletion