Table 5

Adjusted relative risk of acute myocardial infarction according to hepatic lipase C-480T genotype status and levels of HDL-C

HDL-C (mmol/l)HL C-480T genotype
CC (n  =  191)CT, TT (n  =  195)All (n  =  386)
Relative risk is adjusted for age, body mass index, smoking, years of hypertension, diabetes, family history of coronary disease, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and energy and fat intake. Total model <0.001; p value for interaction, 0.002.
CI, confidence interval. *p<0.001; †p  =  0.002; ‡ p  =  0.008, difference from the highest HDL-C tertile.
Lowest tertile3.992†2.4263.378*
95% CI(1.656–9.627)(0.923–6.381)(1.779–6.412)
Middle tertile3.264‡2.2192.748*
95% CI(1.358–7.847)(0.920–5.356)(1.506–5.017)
Highest tertile1.00.9681.0
95% CI(0.376–2.488)