Table 1

 Logistic regression model

VariableP valueRelative risk95% CI
AD, Alzheimer’s disease; CI, confidence interval; DLB, dementia with Lewy bodies.
*APOE ϵ2/– analysis was not carried out because there were no patients with DLB who had an ϵ2 allele.
AD compared with controls
Age 0.0531.031.00–1.06
Sex 0.0921.600.93–2.77
APOE ϵ4/−0.0005.502.33–12.99
APOE ϵ3/−0.2391.600.73–3.47
APOE ϵ2/−0.0260.430.21–0.90
16189C 0.5460.770.33–1.79
Length heteroplasmy 0.1042.220.85–5.81
DLB compared with controls*
Age 0.1281.030.99–1.06
Sex 0.1440.640.35–1.17
APOE ϵ4/−0.0024.431.74–11.31
APOE ϵ3/−0.5461.290.57–2.93
16189C 0.9971.000.40–2.50
Length heteroplasmy 0.8670.920.34–2.47