Table 1B

Breast cancer prone families which were afflicted with other cancers commonly associated with p16INK4a mutations such as melanoma and pancreatic cancer. These families, lacking mutations in p16INK4a/p14ARF and p15 as determined by sequence analysis, were also evaluated for large germline deletions encompassing these genes by Southern blotting. Relatives with pancreatic carcinoma or melanoma, and the age of diagnosis are indicated.

Family NoCancer in proband, plus age 
 at diagnosisDegree relatives with breast or ovarian cancerMelanomas or pancreatic tumours
 in family
Mel=melanoma, Ov=ovarian, Panc=pancreas, Ut=uterus, Sarc=sarcoma
812Breast (47)Breast I (54, 60 bilateral)Panc II (36)
1086Breast (49), Panc (55)Breast I (53), I (68), III (34)Mel III (34)
2208Breast (40), Sarc (11)Breast I (45)Mel II, Mel II, Mel III, Mel III (ages unknown)
840Breast (36)Breast I (66, 68 bilateral)Panc I (56)
1277Breast (52), Mel,(50) Ut (41)Breast II (49)Panc II (85)
JW87Breast (46) Lung (47)Breast I (81) (maternal side), Breast II (49) (paternal side)Mel I (36)
JW53Breast (42 bilateral), Mel (55)Breast II (67) (maternal side), Breast II (70), III (60) (paternal side)Mel I (42)
1184Ov (40), Ut (40)Breast I (64), II (50), II (60), Ov I (47), Ov I (40)Mel II (28)