Table 3

MC1R genotype in patients with melanoma and in control subjects; association of MC1R variants with the risk (odds ratios) of MM

MC1R genotypePatients (n = 108)Controls (n = 105)pOdds ratios
Wt represents the wild type allele; V represents variant alleles.
Odds ratios (indicated with 95% confidence intervals) compare Wt/V (heterozygotes) and V/V (two functional variants) with Wt/Wt.
Wt/Wt 31.5 (34)68.6 (72)Reference
Wt/V 52.8 (57)26.7 (28)<.00014.3 (2.34–7.93)
V/V 14.8 (16)4.7 (5)<.00026.78 (2.29–20.03)