Table 4

 p Values of association tests for each of the two SNPs with BMD in the female group

*In the UANOVA analyses of each of the nine BMD phenotypes, only the body BMD showed a p value of 0.056 for the PCOL2; †The number in the parenthesis is the proportion that the FS (factor score) accounts for of the total BMD variation at the nine skeletal sites.
UANOVA of each BMD phenotype*
    Body BMD0.0560.805
MANOVA of the nine BMD phenotypes
    Wilks’ lambda0.0340.048
    Roy’s largest root0.0160.023
UANOVA of each of the three FSs (PCA)
    FS1 (0.744)†0.4740.887
    FS2 (0.101)0.0290.067
    FS3 (0.063)0.0740.183
MANOVA of the three FSs (PCA)
    Wilks’ lambda0.0240.152
    Roy’s largest root0.0070.112