Table 2

 Overview of peaks revealed with the GeneChip Mapping 10K SNP array

Chromosomal locationP2P4*P5P12P16P17
Peaks were defined as a minimum of three contiguous SNPs with a CPA p value of at least ±8. *Hybridisation with generally low signal intensity showing only one site with four contiguous SNPs with a CPA p value of ⩽−5. Peak values correctly identified as significant peaks: †deletion, ‡duplication; §reproducible peak considered not disease related, because it was mainly produced by a very low copy number of a single SNP within a region without known genes; ¶false positive peaks, not confirmed by either repeat hybridisation, quantitative PCR or FISH. N, normal; het, peak not considered because two SNPs within the peak region were heterozygous (peak also not reproducible). Number of SNPs showing respective CPA p value are shown in parentheses.
2 (77.4–79.5 M)NNN20 (10x)¶NN
4 (0–2.1 M)NNN−10.3 (3x)†NN
4 (79.8–80.4 M)NNNN−20 (9x)†N
4 (118.8–119.3 M)NN20 (4x)¶NNN
5 (145.7–146.0 M)NN−10.4 (5x)§NNN
5 (178.4-TER)N−5.2 (4x)†NNNN
9 (35.5–38.3 M)NNNNN−8.8 (5x) het
10 (131.1–132.6 M)NN−20 (12x)†NNN
11 (17.9–18.1 M)NNN−8.7 (4x)¶NN
22 (16.6–19.7 M)−8.6 (6x)†NNNNN
22 (43.9–46.4 M)NN20 (12x)‡NNN
X (PTER-7.5 M)Male (−20)NNNMale (−20)−11.7 (9x)†