Table 1

Sequence analysis of suspected cases of LHON not harbouring one of the three primary pathogenic LHON mtDNA mutations (G11778A, T14484C, or G3460A)

Patient NoChanges from reference sequence
Bold, unique changes not previously reported. All of these changes were synonymous.
1C3107del; T4216C; A4769G; A4917G; G5147A; G9947A; C10175T; T10463C; A11251G; G11719A; A11812G; T12441C; G13368A; A13563G; T13743C; A14233G; C14766T; G14905A; A15326G
2C3107del; T3197C; A4769G; A11467G; G11719A; A12308G; G12372A; T13617C; T14182C; C14766T; A15326G
3C3107del; A4769G; C9911T; G13759A; A15326G
4C3107del; A4769G; A10771G; A15326G
5C3107del; A4769G; A13098G; T14956C; A15326G
6C3107del; T4733C; A4769G; G13708A; A15052G; A15326G
7C3107del; G4580A; A4769G; A15326G
8C3107del; A3720G; A4769G; A5390G; T5426C; A10876G; A11467G; G11719A; A12308G; G12618A; G12372A; T13020C; T13734C; C14766T; A15326G
9C3107del; T3197C; A4769G; T5495C; A11467G; G11719A; A12308G; G12372A; A12612G; T13617C; C14766T; A14793G; A15218G; A15326G
10C3107del; T4216C; A4769G; A10398G; A11251G; G11719A; G13708A; G14323A; C14766T; T14798C; C15199T; A15326G