Table 4

The percentage of consultations in which risk information was given and distribution of different formats used as identified by transcripts (n=158)

Risk for the general populationCategoryWords%ProportionPercentage and proportionGambling oddsTime span
    Breast cancerNil2.61.650.311.4Nil19 Lifetime
3 Other
    Breast cancer owing to gene0.57.328. 0.5 Lifetime
    Breast cancer in menNil3.64.11.0NilNil 1
    Ovarian cancerNilNil3.11.6NilNil 0.5
    Bowel cancerNil2.60.51.0NilNilNil
    Prostate cancerNil1.6Nil0.5NilNil 0.5
    Jewish population risk owing to geneNil3.10.511.40.5NilNil
    Hypothetical risk of breast cancer if gene mutation present7.21321. 9.8 Lifetime
0.5 Other
    Relative risk4. 5.2 Lifetime
1 Other
    Chance of having mutation1.514. 0.5
    Chance of testing finding mutationNil2.
    Hypothetical risk of ovarian cancer if mutation present1. 2.1
    Hypothetical risk of bowel cancer if mutation is presentNil2.1NilNilNilNil