Table 3

Summary of the percentage of consultations with unaffected women and affected women where different aspects of risk were identified as being discussed by the audiotape transcript (n=158)

Consultations in which risk was discussed (%)
Risk categoryUnaffected women (n=89)Affected women (n=69)
General population risk:
    Breast cancer7676
    Ovarian cancer88
    Bowel cancer22
    Prostate cancer11
    Male breast cancer5.98
Proportion of general population risk owing to high risk mutations:
    Breast cancer6262
Jewish population risk owing to mutation:
    Breast cancer1818
Hypothetical risk of breast cancer for unaffected women with a BRCA mutation:
    Relative risk52
Chance of having mutation in self7171
Chance of testing finding mutation1717
Ovarian cancer risk with mutation3333
Bowel cancer risk with mutation55
Risk of second cancer for affected women:
    Without mutation10
    With mutation39