Table 2

Baseline risk communication preferences (n=193)

Unaffected (%)* (n=109)Affected (%)† (n=84)
*Unaffected with breast cancer;
†affected with breast cancer.
Did women want their risk communicated in words or numbers?
    Words and numbers18.353.8
    No preference9.69.0
If women wanted words what words did they prefer?
    A general description, for example, low, medium, high43.656.0
    A comparison, for example, higher or lower than women in general27.722.7
    Both general and comparison2.04.0
    No preference26.717.3
If a woman wanted a time based figure
    Before age 507.810.7
    Next 10 years29.133.3
    All of the above4.94.0
    No preference22.324.0
If women wanted numbers, what type of number did they prefer?
    Gambling odds2.01.4
    All of above8.912.2
    No preference12.917.6
    Percentage or proportion7.92.7
If women preferred a comparison to other women, what comparison did they prefer?
    Own risk + risk of general population36.939.5
    Relative risk only25.226.3
    No preference20.414.5
    Don’t know1.01.3