Table 3

Colorectal cancer screening in HNPCC and FAP by phenotype of neoplasia

Appropriate colorectal screening among (No (%))
SubjectsAppropriate colorectal screening (all) (No (%))Affected‡Unaffectedp value*
*p value comparing affected and unaffected is two tailed from Fisher’s exact test;
†two of 26 people at risk for HNPCC were not considered eligible for colorectal cancer surveillance because of age <20;
‡affected corresponds to history of colon cancer for HNPCC, or history of multiple colonic adenomas for FAP.
Total (n=42†)27/42 (64)17/19 (89)10/23 (43)0.0003
HNPCC (n=24)14/24 (58)6/7 (86)8/17 (47)0.17
FAP (n=18)13/18 (72)11/12 (92)2/6 (33)0.02