Table 3

Individual clinical data items (continuous variables) and severity scales: Australian R133C cases and comparison group

R133C cases (11)Other mutations (98)
MeanSDp valueMissingMeanSDMissing
Age at onset of hand stereotypies (months)41. 114. 20.0149228. 314. 622
Age at onset of epilepsy (years)
Latest weight Z score−1.982.60.48000−2.73.48
Latest height Z score−2.591.20.59991−2.31.98
Age at sitting alone (months)
Age at onset of regression (months)
Pineda scale (max=31)
WeeFIM score (max=126)37.917.90.0285228.411.62
Kerr scale (max=37)
Percy scale (max=47)